At Hareon Solar’s Research and Development Center in Taicang, we pursue ongoing improvements in performance, reliability, and cost across our vertically-integrated production platform: silicon wafers, cells, and modules.  Module reliability testing and PV power plant design optimization projects maximize the energy generated in field operation over the lifetime of the power plant.



In 2014, Hareon Solar R&D team developed a new line of ingot furnaces: the G7-Ingot Furnaces. The G7-Ingot Furnaces enabled a 30% increase in wafers produced per ingot and an increase in wafer quality. Further optimizations aim to improving feedstock quality, increase yield, and reduce cycle times, thus cutting down on production and labor costs. Hareon Solar ingot casting capacity will exceed 2 GW in 2017.


Cells and Modules

Hareon Solar incorporates the latest texturing, emitter diffusion, and multi-layer anti-reflective coating technologies. At present, peak efficiencies stand at 20.2% for multicrystalline cells and 21.2% for monocrystalline cells. Average efficiency for production volumes is 18.4% for multicrystalline cells and 19.8% for monocrystalline cells.  Hareon Solar’s PERC cells have an efficiency of up to 20.5%; the resulting 60-cell modules have a peak power output of 290 W. Hareon Solar’s version of black silicon technology adds 0.6% to the cell efficiency and 5 W to the module output. N-type bifacial cells have been developed with front-side efficiency up to 19.5% and rear-side efficiency up to 18.4%; the resulting bifacial module produces a peak power of 325 W.


Hareon verifies its product reliability at both its in-house certified test facility and with third-party test labs. Testing is certified by TÜV SÜD, UL, VDE, JET, CEC, MCS (UK), BV (Brazil), and CQC (China).

In addition to its core products (conventional monocrystalline, multicrystalline, and bifacial modules), Hareon Solar has also demonstrated novel location- and application-specific products. Examples include:  offshore modules, ultra-light modules, self-cleaning modules, split-junction-box modules, PV-thermal modules, modules rated for 1500 V, nonmetal modules, anti-corrosion frames, AC modules, and half-cell modules.

Power Plant Design

Hareon Solar provides optimized power plant plans based on PV module performance characteristics, local topographical and climate conditions, and the chosen tracking technology. As a result of intelligent monitoring, high-precision data acquisition, and ongoing performance analysis, power plant output is maximized.

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